Microprocessor Diesel Controller



The Metron Series FD4 Fire Pump Controller for engine driven fire pumps are designed to automatically start the engine upon a drop in pressure in the water supply, or from a number of other demand signals. The controller's logic is based on discrete components using the latest technology with high quality, highly reliable printed circuit board (PCB) and PCB mounted relays. The controller uses a microprocessor to control automatic engine operation, alternation between batteries during cranking. It also monitors and records system alarms and pressure, battery voltage and engine functions. This controller is suitable for all engine types with either 'energized to run' or 'energize to stop' fuel solenoids.

Metron is a world leader in the manufacture of automatic control equipment for all types of engine applications. Our policy has always been to stress dependable operation in field use because of the inherent vital nature of these installations.

These controllers are for use with all approved types of engine driven fire pumps. Manufactured in accordance with the standards established by the National Fire Protection Association, Pamphlet 20, they are designed and constructed to provide the highest measure of reliability.

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FD4 Submittal
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