Remote Alarm Panels


Metron Model RAP-D (Diesel Engine Controllers) and RAP-E (Electric Motor Controllers) alarm panels have been designed to provide reliable audible and visual alarms for electric and diesel fire pump controllers in accordance with NFPA 20. This requires that visual and audible alarms powered by a reliable source, not exceeding 125 volts, be located at a point of constant attendance when the pump room is not constantly attended.




Sales Brochure:
Remote Alarm Panel

Operations Manuals:
RAP Operations Manual

Enclosure Dimensions:
RAP-D Enclosure Dimension Drawing
RAP-E Enclosure Dimension Drawing

RAP-D Schematic Drawing
RAP-E Schematic Drawing


Drawings are provided in ADOBE pdf Format and are provided for reference only. Drawings and Specifications subject to change without notice. Drawings should not be used for construction. Contact our sales department for specific as-built drawings for your special project.