Residential Fire Pump Controller



 Series RFP

These controllers are for use with squirrel cage motors, 0.5 horsepower to 7.5 horsepower, 240 volts single phase, across-the-line type starting in NFPA 13D applications. They can be supplied for either Simplex (one motor) or Duplex (two motors) operation. The Residential Controllers are withstand rated and listed by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. and accepted by the City of New York, Department of Buildings (MEA 43-03-E) for use in the City of New York. Construction of these controllers differs from the Electric Motor (Full Service) fire pump controllers in that the manually operated isolation switch is not required and the circuit breaker is of the thermal-magnetic type and approved for disconnect purposes.

The RFP Series Combined Manual and Automatic Fire Pump Controllers utilize both Manual and Automatic motor starting. Automatic starting may be intiated by the built-in pressure swich. Manual starting is provided by a start pushbutton on the controller, or by operation of the emergency start lever. A latch is provided on the lever which permits contiuous running of the motor until manually stopped.

The RFP Series controllers may be set for either automatic or manual stop after an automatic start. If automatic stop is specified, a running period timer is incorporated which keeps the motor running for a pre-set period of time and prevents too frequent starting and stopping in event of momentary actuation of the pressure switch.



Operation and Maintenance Manual:
O&M Manual - RFP Residential Controller

Enclosure Dimensions:
RFP - Simplex Enclosure Dimension Drawing
RFP - Duplex Enclosure Dimension Drawing

RFP - Simplex Schematic Drawing
RFP - Duplex Schematic Drawing


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