High Voltage Controllers


Series MV600 - Combined Manual and Automatic  

The Metron Series MV600 High Voltage Fire Pump Controllers are a modular concept system which utilize "state-of-the-art" vacuum bottle technology. The primary control element in the MV600 is a draw out style vacuum bottle contactor. Integral to the contactor are "R" rated current limiting cartridge style fuses. Space is provided for storage of three space fuses on the rear of the outer door. Two fused potential/control transformers (PTS) are also contained within the contactor. These transformers provide both input signals to the monitor circuits as well as control power for the MV600. For testing purposes, it is possible to supply 120VAC power directly to the control section through a built-in test receptacle and test switch.

The output terminals of the contactor are routed through three current transformers located in the "motor termination" section of the MV600. The customer's motor leads are connected within the motor termination compartment with cable entrance from the top, bottom or left side (viewed from the front).

The MV600 provides both front and rear access, however, only front access is required. Incoming power may enter through the top, bottom or right side of the controller.

Locked rotor motor protection is supplied by a solid state "relay". This "relay" is in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 20, Chapter 7.

A power monitor is supplied to provide contacts for remote alarm of phase reversal, low voltage, single phase, and loss of voltage. A pilot light is provided on the door of the controller to indicate "Phase Reversal." Power to the motor can be monitored by the digital volt/amp meter. This selectable display monitors voltage and amperage on all three phases and will store in nonvolatile memory the highest FLC for recall later.

The standard MV600 is supplied in a NEMA type 2 enclosure which is fabricated from 12 gauge steel. All welded construction is used throughout with removable top and bottom gasket panels to allow stacking of two units (maximum height 91.5"). Minimum floor clearance of 12" is provided with allowances for floor anchoring. The entire front of an MV600 is protected with a hinged removable, gasketed door, equipped with a 3-point latch. Access to the vacuum contactor is provided by a lockable and interlocked second door, which requires the contactor to be disengaged from the bus prior to opening. Automatic drop type "shutters" activated providing a barrier between the incoming bus and the vacuum contactor. Control wiring and components are accessible behind their own access door. Access to control components does not required motor de-energization.

A solid copper ground bus is provided through the incoming high voltage, low voltage and motor termination compartments.

The MV600 is also available in NEMA 3R, 4, 4X (painted steel or stainless steel) or NEMA 12 enclosures at additional cost. Provisions for purging the enclosures are available at additional cost.


Download Operations Manuals (PDF)
Operations Manuals MV600 - English
Operations Manuals MV600 - Spanish

Bulletin - MV600 High Voltage Controller

Enclosure Dimensions:
MV600 Enclosure Dimension Drawing
MV600 Enclosure Dimension Drawing

Hookup Drawings:
MV600 External Hookup Drawing

MV600 Schematic Drawing


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