Limited Service Controllers with Automatic
Transfer Switch (Obsolete)


 Series M30 with MTS - Combined Manual and Automatic  

Metron MTS Automatic Transfer Switches provide operation of Limited Service Pump motors from an alternative source of power when the normal source fails. These transfer switches are a part of the Limited Service pump controller; although mounted in a separate compartment, they are factory assembled, shipped and installed as a part of the controller.

The combination Limited Service controller/transfer switch is listed by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., and Factory Mutual, and meets all the latest requirements of Section 7-8 of NFPA Standard for Installation of Centrifugal Fire Pumps.

The MTS Automatic Transfer Switch is a mechanically held double throw switch with a fast acting drive mechanism. Operating coils are momentarily energized from the source to which the load is being transferred. The switch is interlocked electrically and mechanically to prevent both services from feeding the load at the same time.



Bulletin - M30 with Model MTS Transfer Switch

Enclosure Dimensions:
M30 W/Transfer Switch Enclosure Dimension Drawing

Hookup Drawings:
M30 W/Transfer Switch External Hookup Drawing

M30 W/Transfer Switch Schematic Drawing
MTS Schematic Drawing

Zenith ZTG OM Manual

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